Meet a C++ Software Developer

Meet a C++ Software Developer

What made you decide to join our team at SIG?

When applying for different jobs, I found that the interview process showed me a lot about each company, and what they valued. At SIG, I liked everyone I met and the spirit of the people here. I thought the interview here was a good tech interview and I appreciated the follow up throughout the process. The quality of the questions during my interview told me SIG valued strong contributors, which confirmed for me that I would be respected as an employee.

What do you like the most about SIG technology?

I feel like development at many other places is now full stack and web-focused. It’s really nice to work on high-performance, C++ development. I can hone in on what I enjoy and where I excel as a developer.

I also like being able to collaborate with super smart people. In my current role, I get to sit on the trading floor and I like being in the middle of everything. It’s the best way to learn.

We talk a lot about teamwork and collaboration at SIG. Where do you see this demonstrated in your role?

I couldn’t do my job without teamwork, and learning from colleagues is a big part of that. I often need to start work on a new codebase and it’s impossible to learn without mentoring from teammates.

What experiences have been most rewarding for you so far?

I was able to attend a great conference in Colorado called C++Now where I learned a lot. I remember sitting in some of the talks and thinking it was a little over my head, and gasping for breath, but in a really good way. It was a really cool experience that my manager referred me to attend. I’m hoping to get to another conference soon!

What sparked your interest in technology?

My first interest in tech happened when I was 11 years old. I went to the local store and there was a VIC-20 on display and I started programming on it right in that store. My mom finally got me a computer and I spent all my time programming on it.

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself.

I listen to a lot of hip hop. I like old school stuff like Nas and Notorious B.I.G. Lately, I’ve been listening to some Drake and Migos. I haven’t been to a show in Philly yet, but I’d like to!

What is your favorite thing about living in the Philadelphia area?

I really enjoy all the great restaurants and dining options. It’s great to have so many things to do in a small area in the city.