Meet an ETF Sales + Trading Intern

Meet an ETF Sales + Trading Intern

Alma Mater: Duke University

Major: Public Policy

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

What was your ETF Sales + Trading Internship like?

Being able to work right on the trading floor as an intern was an awesome experience. I was able to spend time learning about each of the specific roles and functions on the desk, which is incredibly valuable for learning exactly how the team operates and where it fits in the context of SIG's business as a whole. Liaising between the traders and the end customers we served, I was able to work on interesting projects that were truly valued by my team. Specifically, I built a tool using Bloomberg and Excel that would alert traders in real-time to news that might impact the products they trade. Having moved into full-time role on my desk, I still use a number of tools like this that I helped to build during my internship.