Research Analyst

Desk Training

Your first months as a Research Analyst are largely dedicated to training. You will work with a senior analyst on the coverage of their sector while taking on responsibilities that may include compiling daily news in your sector, evaluating future events, and working with traders to interpret information in the market place. After your training you will be assigned primary coverage over your own stocks on a sector-focused trading desk.

“From my very first day on the desk, I was thrown right into the middle of things. Having never spent more than 10 minutes on a trading floor, it was great to hear the dialog that takes place between research and the traders from Day 1. Our training on the desk, from learning what is important to traders and how to make quick decisions, was essential for getting acclimated to the fast-paced environment. Recommending a trade and often seeing instant market feedback is a great tool and motivator for improving your thought process and generating new ideas.”
– SIG Research Analyst

Classroom Education

SIG is committed to providing the tools and knowledge necessary for you to succeed in your role. You will participate in classroom education where you will learn about options theory, decision science, and the products that SIG trades.

Your Impact

The layout of our trading floor promotes a collaborative environment where our Research Analysts and traders work together to create an informed decision making process. As a Research Analyst, you will keep up with the latest developments in your sector and update traders on how volatility events affect their positions. Each situation is unique; some have relatively simple solutions, while others require comprehensive analysis. You will be challenged to creatively problem solve in order to come up with profitable ways to utilize new pieces of information. Whether it be forecasting a dividend or evaluating the impact of a merger or acquisition, you will provide traders with crucial information that directly affect trading decisions.

“Whether it’s interpreting an intraday headline, conveying opinions around the dynamics of a sector, or prepping in advance for a future event, the impact of research is constantly felt across SIG’s trading desk. As an analyst, I have the unique opportunity to combine both quantitative and qualitative insights into my thought process in order to create actionable trading ideas on a daily basis.”
– SIG Research Analyst

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